club competitions 2017

Wheatsheaf Open Triples -

Club Doubles (6th August) - 1st Jill & Steve Brace, 2nd Pat Daviss & Hugh, 3rd Pam Healey & Basil White

Henry's Day (28th May) - 1st Ray Williams, 2nd Judith Morgan, 3rd Laurent

Henry's Day 2017 – What happened

It was a hazy morning on Sunday, 28th May when Jim & Linda arrived at the Wheatsheaf to find the car park (boules piste) strewn with cars left from a birthday party celebrated in some style the day before. Marje assured us that the drivers were aware of the competition and would be up to move them. We started to prepare what we could of the pistes and steadily people arrived to play and drivers came to reclaim their cars. We were a little late starting, but by the time the sun came out there were 24 players competing for the 20th anniversary of Henry's Day. We had players from Wenvoe, Penarth, Caerleon RFC PC as well as 8 players from Alveley, Shropshire, not to mention their supporters! To encourage mingling of our visitors, we played all triples games, and completed 2 rounds before stopping for lunch – Colin was in the front garden cooking up a storm! At this point there were only 4 players who had won both their matches – Laurent, Ray Williams, Roger and Judith. Correspondingly there were 4 players who had lost both matches – Basil, Kevin, Pam and Ray Lewis. There were some very close games, with the lead often changing several times. After we had dined on burgers, hot dogs, chilli and Colin's other delicacies, not to mention various alcoholic purchases from the pub, we got under way again. The weather was so warm that we agreed to limit play to 4 rounds, and we wondered whether the cyclists who were arriving at the local Cheshire Home after a strenuous 5 day/350 mile tour of Wales would make a guest appearance at the pub, but they enjoyed a well-deserved celebration down the road! We went into the last game with Ray and Roger, both with 3 wins, drawn against each other, a tense game went to 13-10! Laurent, who won his final game was 3rd, with 3 wins and a points difference of +19; Judith who was quietly amassing 4 wins came 2nd with a difference of +16 and the winner was Ray Williams with 4 wins and +20. The highest placed visitor was Des, who came 6th with 3 wins and +6, a very creditable performance on our unpredictable pistes. The strongest person, and the only one to lose all his matches was Kevin, although he took part in a couple of very close games that could have gone either way. He did have a handicap though as he left his boules in Shropshire and has had to play with borrowed boules all weekend! Before presenting the prizes, we all drank a toast to ”Absent Friends”, and as the first drops of rain were felt, everyone came up and collected a consolation box of chocolates, no-one leaves Henry's Day empty-handed! We then adjourned to the bar where we presented Marje with a bouquet of flowers and finished off the welsh cakes. I think, and hope everyone enjoyed the day, and we wish our new friends from Alveley a safe journey home on Tuesday.

Club Singles (5rd September) - 1st Jim Hutchinson, Linda Hutchinson, Gail Brooksbanks

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